Letter from the editor

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows” – Helen Keller

Limca Book of Records 2016 is a super special edition – it is dedicated to those people whose disability, physical or intellectual, didn’t deter them from facing challenges. You will meet amazing people – mountain climbers, marathoners, visually challenged getting highest degrees, people with autism, dancers, painters, medical practitioners... Our salaam to those inspiring people!

This year, I have extended the cutoff date exclusively to include Independence Day celebrations and what a difference it made! The stories were brimming with patriotic themes across the country.  I hope it will be a continuing trend from now.

For new rules on limbo skating attempts, log on to our website (2016). Applicants should look at the qualifying height and distance.
One section from Human Being that has been dropped since 2015 is the ‘finger divisions’. Within 10 fingers there were further divisions – one finger having four ‘cuts’ or ‘divisions’ or more – it was confusing!

We would like to pay our homage to the 2015 Magsaysay award winners – Anshu Gupta who started Goonj, ’transforming the culture of giving in India’ and Sanjiv Chaturvedi, the whistleblower forest officer who tackled corruption in public office. 

I end with our team’s special tribute to Virender Kumar Pahuja who was our swimming consultant since inception – 1990. Virender who passed away on Oct 19, 2015 after a brief illness was a member of Swimming Federation of India. He had brought out the annual Swimming Statistical Bulletin for 35 years. He was a good human being, simple and caring. We will miss him. RIP. 

Browse, mull over and enjoy this 27th edition! Don’t forget to send us your reactions – brickbats and encomiums included!

Venkatesh Kini