Please don’t label her a disabled,
She is just differently abled.
Please don’t give her looks of pity,
Or a look of acerbity.
You may think she needs sympathy,
But please show her just empathy.
Treat her with the same dignity
As the rest of humanity….

By Venkatesh Kini

Dear Reader,

The book you hold in your hand is dedicated to the Specially-Abled. It is the 27th edition of Limca Book of Records - an edition in which persons with disabilities from across the country are lauded. The attributes of these determined individuals truly embody the five principles that Limca Book of Records (LBR) stands for – Passion, Ambition, Excellence, Belief and Tenacity. For, without these attributes, how would these achievers reach the pinnacles that they have? Against all odds?

This year, all the 15 LBR People of the Year are persons with disabilities. Only they know how they must have struggled to achieve what they have. A truly uphill task if ever there was one. Leaving us in awe over their sheer drive and determination to overcome the tremendous odds and shine! And when you go through what these determined folk have achieved, they will surely leave a lasting impression on you; as they did on me.

Maybe you know someone who is Specially-Abled, maybe someone in your family is. Inclusivity is what we need to all aim for. Maybe you have come up close to a person with disability… maybe you have never interacted with one… This is as good a time as any to change that. Maybe that single interaction will make the most important difference in your life.

So, here’s hoping that this edition inspires you. To be a little more compassionate, a wee bit more empathetic. To understand the trials and tribulations that persons with disabilities have to go through. What we take for granted, is something that they have to struggle with every single day.

I would like to leave you with something worth remembering:

…She has got a soul worth seeing, Treat her as a human being.
Thank you for picking up this book and happy reading.

Venkatesh Kini